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Analysis of the application of automotive wiring harness detector precautions
Dec 28, 2016

1, the detection object

This type of detector detection object is not all products, but only for the automotive field, so as to ensure the safety of automotive applications. Many users in the use of the detector, often ignore the detection object of the device, causing the device to detect the object error, can not guarantee their target. Therefore, the user before using the detector should be a detailed understanding of the use of the detector object, so as not to use errors.

2, detection function

The use of testing equipment, we must pay attention to its functionality, only the perfect function, in order to ensure the use of equipment. There are many detectors on the market, different types of testing instruments have different effects, so users must choose the equipment carefully when selecting the testing instrument, so as to avoid choosing the wrong device and can not meet the practical application requirements.

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