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Automotive wiring harness detector post-maintenance can not be ignored attention to detail is more important
Dec 28, 2016

First, the maintenance equipment needs professional maintenance personnel. In fact, the formal manufacturers should be equipped with professional equipment maintenance personnel, they are professionally trained, able to use professional methods to maintain the equipment, to ensure that the entire maintenance process more smoothly more accurate.

Second, attention to detail. Maintenance of the car harness detector has many details to note, for example, parts loosening, prolonged use of equipment, internal parts are prone to loosening, maintenance personnel every time to check the internal parts, loose or damaged , Should be promptly fastened and replaced, to avoid more serious damage. Here also remind maintenance personnel, the replacement of parts and the original factory is best configured the same, so that the device has great benefits, but will not feel up and use is not smooth. Every day to give the equipment to add lubricants, to ensure that the use of equipment to reduce wear and tear.

Third, regular equipment to do a big maintenance. Usually a small maintenance note, and can not forget the big maintenance, relative to the small maintenance, the maintenance of a more comprehensive, especially for the internal equipment, more detailed. Now there are specialized maintenance equipment company, you can spend money to do maintenance. In general, a large maintenance cycle is three months to six months, depending on the specific use of the user's results and equipment specific circumstances.

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