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Automatic Switch Selection Principle
Jul 05, 2017

  Automatic switch selection principle

  Select the general principle of automatic switching:

  1. According to the use of places, select the different types, specifications and mode of operation of the switch, the rated current, and the load should be equal to the current or slightly larger level;

  2. Automatic switching of the rated voltage, should be the same voltage level for the line.

  3. The rated current of the trip unit should be selected according to 120 [%] of rated current.

  Automatic switching of the main parameters

  Rated voltage

  Refers to the automatic switching in the normal operation of the allowable safety voltage. Add voltage at both ends of the automatic switch is greater than this value, will cause the two contacts between the spark breakdown.

  Rated current

  Refers to the maximum safe current that is allowed to pass when the automatic switch is switched on. When this value is exceeded, the automatic switch contact will burn out due to excessive current.


  Refers to the automatic switch between the conductor and the ground can withstand the minimum voltage.

  Insulation resistance

  Refers to the automatic switching of the conductor part and the insulation part of the resistance value. Insulation resistance should be more than 100MΩ.

  Contact resistance

  Refers to the automatic switch in the open state, the resistance between each pair of contacts. General requirements in the 0.1-0.5Ω below, the smaller the value the better.

  Life expectancy

  Refers to the automatic switch in the normal working conditions, the number of operations can be. General requirements in 5000-35000 times or so.

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