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Car Wire Harness Is The Main Body Of The Car Circuit
Jul 05, 2017

  car wire harness is the main body of the car circuit, belonging to the automotive electrical system connection components, as if the human nerve and blood vessels, the various functional parts connected through. The company has carried out a comprehensive analysis of the industrial chain for the car wire harness. The contents include: the principle outline, the production technology, the material market introduction, the development trend analysis, the market scale analysis, the market pattern analysis, the matching supplier list and so on.

  Harness is made of copper by the contact with the terminal (connector) and wire and cable crimp, the outside and then plastic pressure insulator or external metal shell, etc., car wire harness to form a wiring harness bundle connection components. In short, is to connect the car electrical wiring, car operating conditions and parameters are reflected through the wiring harness in the car above the computer. On the other hand, the electronic technology of car wire harness has become an important indicator of vehicle performance

  Classification of car wire harnesses

  car wire harness can be divided into two kinds of main harness and small harness. The main harness includes engine harness, central box box harness, dashboard harness, cockpit harness, etc .; and small harness includes door harness, battery harness, ABS brake wire harness and so on.

  In addition, according to the voltage distinction, the car wire harness can be divided into high-voltage wiring harness and low-voltage wiring harness. Automotive high-voltage line is characterized by the largest high-voltage low-current, high insulation performance requirements, so the insulation is often thick and the core is relatively small.

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