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Car Wire Harness To Adapt To Vehicle Diversification And User Needs Diversification
Jun 22, 2017

  car wire harness to adapt to vehicle diversification and user needs diversification, vehicle space gradually expanded. In fact, to improve the fuel economy and reduce the weight of the car, the wire itself from the original AV line continuously reduce the diameter, AVS line to AVSS line, wire harness diameter is decreasing.

  One of the effective ways to reduce the weight of the harness is to reduce the size and weight of the connector and the relay. We know that in the vehicle wiring harness,car wire harness there are hundreds of harness connectors, with the development of technology and materials development and application, harness connector size and weight are reduced. At present, the small connector in the same functional requirements under the weight will be reduced by 20% to 40%. Similarly, as a harness system, important parts of the relay is also miniaturization and lightweight and integrated in the various types of controllers, so that the layout of the relay when the volume occupied by the vehicle with the important reduction.

  The application of aluminum wire is also an important symbol of wire harness light weight. Compared with the aluminum wire can reduce the total weight of the body wiring harness 30% or more,car wire harness for the general car, can reduce the weight of about 1.8 kg. The use of aluminum wire can effectively reduce the weight of the car, improve fuel economy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. With the continuous improvement of the technical level, the future use of aluminum wire ratio will be greatly improved.

  RIM polyurethane foam technology can also effectively reduce the harness weight. The use of foam technology instead of the traditional guard and the bracket can not only reduce the weight of the harness but also facilitate the layout of the wiring harness. Polyurethane harness made of light weight,car wire harness anti-oil, dust and strong, no noise after installation and so on. In recent years, as one of the polymer materials, polyurethane with its good material properties in the manufacture of automotive parts has been more and more widely used.

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