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Do You Know The Requirements For The Processing From The Wire Harness?
Nov 29, 2018

1, processing materials

 The quality of the wire harness digesting material will directly affect the caliber of the wire harness to some extent, and the selection of the wire harness material is going to be related to the wire harness somewhat.

 The service life is generally made up of components such as an insulation sheath, a wire, and the wrapping material.

 2, add because needed

 The material of the sheath material within the electronic harness is generally PBT, PA66, AB MUSCLES, PA6, etc. In the procedure for designing the plug-in, it can be done to select different materials based on their different needs, or Adding enhanced materials to the plastic based on the actual situation, so as to offer the purpose of reinforcement.

 3, pick the wrap material

 The dressing of the electronic wire harness can effectively are likely involved in flame retarding to some extent, and can prevent its disturbance, wear resistance and reduce the actual noise during use, and can generally be effectively used based on the specific environment in which it works and How big the space is chosen to suit the appropriate dressing material.

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