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Electric Vehicle Wiring Harness And Ordinary Car Wiring Harness Difference
Oct 09, 2017

Electric vehicle wiring harness and ordinary car wiring harness difference

In recent years, the concept of new energy has become the mainstream, especially in the automotive industry, vigorously launched a new energy electric vehicles, its environmental protection, low carbon and energy saving characteristics just in line with this demand, while the government is also vigorously support the new energy electric vehicle industry , Many car harness manufacturers are also involved.

Electric vehicle harness and ordinary car wire harness core components are different

Electric vehicle wiring harness can be divided into: main harness and branch harness. According to the system configuration of the electric vehicle, the main wiring harness is divided into: battery power supply system harness, power switch harness, control system main feeder beam; branch wiring harness is divided into: lighting signal wiring harness, control system signal wiring harness, combined switch wiring harness. The lighting signal system wiring harness can be divided into headlights, rear lights, brake lights, license plate wiring harness and so on. Vehicle main circuit wiring harness mostly to the controller as the center, respectively, to the body before and after the extension. New energy electric vehicle wiring harness is generally used in electric vehicles, and fuel trucks are not shared. The core of the electric car is the wiring harness, such as electric vehicle wiring harness failure, then the whole car will be a problem, pay special attention to the electric car battery control system. However, there is no wiring harness beam, then the problem areas such as lighting, control, etc., transmission and braking will not be affected.

Performance difference between electric vehicle harness and ordinary automobile harness

Trolley wire harness wires have different cross-sectional area, different cross-sectional area of the wire to allow the current value through the same. In general, the battery output harness, harness trunk, control system trunk, power supply lock, battery harness and other general use 1.5 mm ² above the wire; lighting signal system, combined switch generally 0.5 mm ² above the wire; brake power, parking Switches and other general use 0.15 mm ² above the wire. Electric vehicle wiring harness performance and indicators to be much higher than the fuel vehicle wiring harness, in the wiring harness voltage, the screen system performance is much higher than the fuel tank, which also eliminated a number of small-scale car wire harness manufacturers, wire harness buyers in the choice of electric vehicles Harness manufacturers can also be based on this screening. Click here to view: What is the attention of car harness procurement?

Electric vehicle wiring harness and ordinary car harness wire diameter and processing equipment distinction

We should also have found that the diameter of the car harness depends on the maximum load current, the new energy electric vehicle high-voltage wire harness diameter than the average fuel tank wire diameter to be much larger, so the general automatic terminal crimping device is not processed Such a larger diameter of the wire, the need to equip the characteristics of the knife, in maintaining the basic car harness processing functions, the use of rotary cutter to process, to ensure the accuracy of wire and quality.

Electric car wiring harness in the material selection, process processing, assembly, etc. are more stringent than the fuel car wiring harness, a qualified electric car wiring harness manufacturers should have sufficient qualified R & D team, enough experience, strict implementation of the wiring harness in the end.

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